A well-known fact is that ISO14001 is recognized widely as the perfect standard in the business sector allowing organization to manage the performance of the Environment. There are plenty of benefits in the organization that should be accrued while applying the standard and following its practices.

Integrating ISO 9001 and 14001 is done with ease and so it may be integrated by any business. This is possible as many practices and activities are shared identically in both standards. Thus it appears reasonable to implement ISO 14001 to acquire quality management performance improvements.


The relationship of quality management performance and ISO 14001:

The base of new ISO 14001 is Annex SL and using it means the standards of the ISO family feature identical terminology and clauses. Thus, integrating into your quality business management system standards is seamless. If you comply with ISO 14001, your activities or Quality Management System should be more efficient and smoother owing to this activity and shared knowledge.

Many functions in the standard ISO 14001 entails such as internal audit, management review, and corrective action, by the standards as shared. With customer satisfaction and continual improvement being the key to both, ISO 9001 and 14001, and keeping with the common theme of Plan, Do, Check Act, cycle, it becomes apparent that the two standards are related closely. The integration systems of the TQM lead eventually to customer satisfaction and ISO 14001 needs to be a part of this system.


How does the EMS activity assist your quality performance?

If your organization accepts to ISO certification and ISO 14001 new standards, it will have an EMS, Environmental Management System functioning and it will influence your quality performance overall. Here it is:

  • As EMS part, your organization gets accustomed to using key performance indicators and objectives. As a fact-based decision making is important to TQM, employing similar methodologies to establish work towards quality targets and in establishing quality KPIs, it helps in understanding the performance and also in improving it.
  • Considering ISO 14001 training effectiveness, it is important to consider the training and importance of EMS knowledge as it is crucial for QMS and TQM integrated system. Combining the quality performance aspects, shared QMS objectives, and product awareness into the training program means you can facilitate enhanced product knowledge, increase awareness and ensure quick QMS performance.
  • Influence your leaders so that they focus on quality improvement. ISO 14001 can bring the best of your EMS performance through good leadership and this is identical with the QMS as well. Generally, leaders grab the opportunity of improving in little cost the quality performance, thus, implementing activities relating quality into the current EMS functions ensures instant benefits to the business quality performance. It is advisable to draw plans about these activities to be extended to promote the quality management performance of an organization. This may be effective in winning and engaging organizational leaders.
  • Allocating responsibilities and roles as per ISO14001 EMS After establishing leadership, include the responsibilities of basic quality management in individuals as the job descriptions. This will reveal the fact that your organization offers clear opportunities to integrate programs, activities, and corresponding responsibilities into selected individuals, who are mentored and trained to perform the activities and will strive to improve the quality of products internally, thereby deliver TQM excellent results.
  • Change the work culture of the company. A positive behavior improves the performance of total quality management and it can be established. Reinforcing product performance, good quality management, and customer satisfaction leads to enhanced success for the organization and also job security increases for employees that they enjoy the culture reinforcement. Thus it results in employee activity increase with respect to quality management in employees and willingness to stay engaged in improvement of forums and meetings. If you improve and establish the culture, with respect to ISO 14001 the implementation will be as per the requirement, your organization can enjoy a sound basis and improve the quality management all-round performance. This also aligns perfectly the TQM.


Getting the utmost benefit

There are methods relating to behaviors, activities, culture, and the new ISO14001 formal and also ISO 9001 assuring the ISO 14001 foundations to be useful in improving the workforce and company various aspects as a joint process.

Factually, there are several ways to implement an EMS such that it relates to the behaviors, activities, culture, and knowledge requirement as required in making it a success. The required perfect framework is possible by integrating the quality awareness elements as a process towards making quality improvements is a must.

The initiatives should be taken to promote your existing responsibilities and activities. The combination of both can enhance the organizations chances of prosperity and overall success, thus it also promotes the TQM concept in the organization and it is good news, mainly to your customers.